Contents of Memoir


Zipser became a “person of interest” to the Stasi in the fall of 1975
Part 1Opening Report in My Stasi-File: June 6, 1973
Part 2Background: 1969–1975
Part 3Meeting at the GDR Writers’ Union: September 11, 1975
Part 4Connections and Preparations
Part 5Interview Questions
Part 6List of Writers
Part 7Person of Interest
Part 8First Report from IME “Dichter”: November 25, 1975
Part 9First Report from IMV “Kurt”: November 25, 1975
Part 10IMV “Kurt” and IMV “Julia”
Part 11Second Report from IMV “Kurt”: December 11, 1975
Part 12Informational Report: January 26, 1976
Part 13Contact with Stefan Heym: February, 1976
Part 14Friedrichshain Municipal Hospital: March/April, 1976
Part 15Third Report from IMV “Kurt”: June 4, 1976

He is interested in “long-term contacts” with the GDR
Part 16First Report from IMV “Uwe”: June 4, 1976
Part 17Eberhard Scheibner’s Report: June 18, 1976
Part 18Visit with Konrad Reich in Rostock: June 20, 1976
Part 19Informational Report: July 22, 1976
Part 20Decision Not to Include Wolf Biermann
Part 21Project Status: Summer/Fall, 1976
Part 22Expatriation of Wolf Biermann: November, 1976
Part 23Presentation at the MLA Convention: December 27, 1976
Part 24Persons Pursuing Ideological Subversion: December, 1976
Part 25Second Report from IMV “Uwe”: February 11, 1977
Part 26Contract with Nordland Publishing Company: January, 1977
Part 27Return to Berlin: June, 1977
Part 28Fourth Report from IMV “Kurt”: June 8, 1977
Part 29Return to East Berlin as an IREX Scholar: October, 1977
Part 30First Report from IM “Dölbl”: October 19, 1977

Zipser is to be put “under investigation”
Part 31Invitation to Jurek Becker (1)
Part 32Marital Problems Cause Brief Setback
Part 33Second Report from IM “Dölbl”: December 1, 1977
Part 34Fifth Report from IMV “Kurt”: December 2, 1977
Part 35Sixth Report from IMV “Kurt”: December 9, 1977
Part 36Farewell Dinner Party / First Surveillance Report: December 13, 1977
Part 37First Report on Farewell Dinner Party by IMV “Kurt”
Part 38Second Report on Farewell Dinner Party by IMV “Kurt”
Part 39Second Report from IME “Dichter”: December 30, 1977
Part 40Invitation to Jurek Becker (2)

He can adapt himself to the most diverse conversational partners
Part 41Informational Report: January 7, 1978
Part 42Jurek Becker in Oberlin: February–May, 1978
Part 43Return to East Berlin as an IREX Scholar: May, 1978
Part 44First Report from IMV “Julia”: May 25, 1978
Part 45Second Surveillance Report: May 25, 1978
Part 46Second Report from IMV “Julia”: June 6, 1978
Part 47Assertions about Richard Zipser
Part 48Anthology of Contemporary East German Poetry: A New Project
Part 49Report on Visit with Kito Lorenc in Wuischke am Czorneboh:
June 3-4, 1978
Part 50Report on Meeting with Students on June 15-16, 1978
Part 51Top Secret Informational Report: July 17, 1978
Part 52Top Secret Informational Report: August 4, 1978
Part 53Possible Denial of Re-entry into the GDR
Part 548th GDR Writers Congress: May 28-31, 1978

He made an affable and approachable impression
Part 55Fritz Rudolf Fries: IMS “Pedro Hagen”
Part 56First Report in the File Labelled “Pedro Hagen”
Part 57Report on May 24, 1978 Meeting: IMS “Pedro Hagen” and His Stasi-
Part 58Report on May 29-30, 1978 Meetings: IMS “Pedro Hagen”and His Stasi-
Part 59Report Dated June 27, 1978
Part 60Next Two Years at Oberlin College: 1978 to 1980
Part 61Proposal for Another Project: Anthology of Literature by Young GDR
Part 62Year at the Hoover Institution: August, 1980 – August, 1981
Part 63Two Newspaper Articles of Interest
Part 64Review of Stefan Heym’s Die Schmähschrift oder Königin gegen Defoe
Part 65Nine Writers Expelled from GDR Writers’ Union: June, 1979
Part 66IMB “Pedro Hagen” Plans to Visit Richard Zipser in California
Part 67Report on March 12, 1981 Meeting: IMB “Pedro Hagen” and His Stasi-
Part 68Report on May 13, 1981 Meeting: IMB “Pedro Hagen” and His Stasi-
Part 69IMB “Pedro Hagen” Reports on His Visit with Richard Zipser in California
Part 70Fritz Rudolf Fries’s Imaginative Essay on His Visit to San Francisco
Part 71Creating a Network of GDR Sympathizers at US Universities
Part 72IMB “Pedro Hagen” Finds a GDR Sympathizer in Minnesota
Part 73IMB “Pedro Hagen” Reports on Nordland Publishing
Part 74Problems with Nordland Publishing: 1980–1982

It could be said speculatively that “Zipser did not intend to prepare a book”
Part 75Stasi Correspondence on Richard Zipser: May/June, 1981
Part 76IMB “Pedro Hagen” Receives a Present from Richard Zipser
Part 77IMB “Pedro Hagen” Plans a Second Trip to the United States
Part 78Bernd Jentzsch in Oberlin: February–May, 1982
Part 79IMB “Pedro Hagen” Cultivates a GDR Sympathizer: July, 1982
Part 80Request for Surveillance of Richard Zipser: January 26, 1983
Part 81No Sign of Richard Zipser or His Book
Part 82A Publisher for DDR-Literatur im Tauwetter
Part 83Promotion to Full Professor and New Position: 1985–1986
Part 84Invitation to Helga Schütz

Zipser is considered to be an “enemy of the state”
Part 85Return to East Germany: March, 1985
Part 86Cynthia Miller’s Invitation to a Reception in Honor of Richard Zipser
Part 87IMB “Pedro Hagen” Reports on the Reception at Cynthia Miller’s
Part 88More Reports on the Reception at Cynthia Miller’s Residence
Part 89Bookfair in Leipzig: March, 1985
Part 90Final Report in the File Labelled “Pedro Hagen”: March 18, 1985
Part 91Re-entry Ban: June 11, 1985
Part 92Final Comments on Informant/Writer Fritz Rudolf Fries
Part 93Karl-Heinz Jakobs in Oberlin: February–May, 1986
Part 94New Hampshire Symposia for the Study of the GDR
Part 95Final Report in My Stasi-File: August, 1986
Part 96Review of Studies in GDR Culture and Society 6: August, 1987
Part 97DDR-Studien/East German Studies
Part 98Final Entry to My Stasi-File: March 17, 1988

After the Demise of the GDR
Part 99Fall of the Berlin Wall: November 9, 1989
Part 100Project on Literary Censorship in the German-Speaking Countries:
Part 101Last Trip to East Berlin: July, 1990
Part 102Reunification of Germany: October 3, 1990
Part 103Fragebogen: Zensur / Questionnaire: Censorship
Part 104Three Letters and a Response from Uwe Berger: 1993–1994
Part 105In Search of My Stasi-File (1)
Part 106Joachim Walther’s Sicherungsbereich Literatur / Security Zone Literature
Part 107US Germanists in the Index to Joachim Walther’s Book
Part 108In Search of My Stasi-File (2)
Part 109Arrival of My Stasi-File: January 22, 1999
Part 110Coming Full Circle
Part 111In Search of More Information in the Stasi-Files of Others
Part 112In Retrospect


Afterword, by Heinz-Uwe Haus
He, Who Thinks Differently, is the Enemy

Tribute, by Elizabeth C. Hamilton
A Review and an Appreciation

Photos of GDR Writers

Major GDR-Related Publications


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