6. List of Writers

The original list of writers I intended to include in my yet-to-be-titled book had twenty names on it and was assembled with the assistance of Ulrich Plenzdorf and Gerhard Wolf. These were established writers who, for the most part, had both achieved a degree of prominence in the GDR and published some of their writings in West Germany as well. Between 1975 and 1978, the list would gradually grow from twenty to forty-five, as I was persuaded by some writers on the original list and functionaries at the GDR Writers’ Union to add more and more names. In the end, the writers listed below were included in DDR-Literatur im Tauwetter. As one can see from the birth dates, these were representatives of the older, middle, and younger generations of GDR authors, the oldest being Anna Seghers (b. 1900), and Thomas Brasch (b. 1945) the youngest.

Erich Arendt (b. 1903)
Jurek Becker (b. 1937)
Uwe Berger (b. 1928)
Thomas Brasch (b. 1945)
Volker Braun (b. 1939)
Jurij Brězan (b. 1916)
Günter de Bruyn (b. 1926)
Heinz Czechowski (b. 1935)
Adolf Endler (b. 1930)
Elke Erb (b. 1938)
Fritz Rudolf Fries (b. 1935)
Franz Fühmann (b. 1922)
Günter Görlich (b. 1928)
Peter Hacks (b. 1928)
Stephan Hermlin (b. 1915)
Stefan Heym (b. 1913)
Karl-Heinz Jakobs (b. 1929)
Bernd Jentzsch (b. 1940)
Hermann Kant (b. 1926)
Uwe Kant (b. 1936)
Rainer Kirsch (b. 1934)
Sarah Kirsch (b. 1935)
Wolfgang Kohlhaase (b. 1931)
Günter Kunert (b. 1929)
Reiner Kunze (b. 1933)
Kito Lorenc (b. 1938)
Karl Mickel (b. 1935)
Irmtraud Morgner (b. 1933)
Heiner Müller (b. 1929)
Erik Neutsch (b. 1931)
Eberhard Panitz (b. 1932)
Siegfried Pitschmann (b. 1930)
Ulrich Plenzdorf (b. 1934)
Benno Pludra (b. 1925)
Hans Joachim Schädlich (b. 1935)
Klaus Schlesinger (b. 1937)
Rolf Schneider (b. 1932)
Max Walter Schulz (b. 1921)
Helga Schütz (b. 1937)
Anna Seghers (b. 1900)
Martin Stade (b. 1931)
Erwin Strittmatter (b. 1912)
Eva Strittmatter (b. 1930)
Paul Wiens (b. 1922)
Christa Wolf (b. 1929)

In the ensuing pages, the names of many of the above-cited writers will appear in various contexts. A portrait photo of each writer is available in the last section, Photo Galleries.


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