52. Top Secret Informational Report: August 4, 1978

The next document in my file is a 16-page informational report, also labelled “top secret,” which for the most part restates and updates the information contained in the 15-page report dated January 7, 1978. However, it also provides an assessment of my activities in the GDR, characterizes me as an enemy of the state in the cultural realm, and sets forth the measures that needed to be taken to curtail my subversive activities in the future. Those sections of the report appear below.

Main Department XXBerlin, 08/04/1978

Top Secretprepared  6  copies

730  / 78


Richard ZIPSER’s harmful-hostile activities against the cultural sphere of the GDR.

[. . .]

Upon evaluating the results to date of the political-operative handling of Zipser, the following measures are being recommended:

1. Main Department XX will take the steps necessary to ensure that
Zipser will no longer be considered for future IREX exchange

2. Main Department XX will exert influence so as to ensure that
Zipser will not receive invitations and support from the Writers’
Union and other relevant bodies that need to approve Zipser’s

3. With the goal of establishing proof that Zipser has been engaging
in intelligence activity

a comprehensive operative surveillance will be initiated whenever Zipser enters the country;

an additional targeted monitoring of Zipser and his contacts will be carried out;

a close collaboration with the service units that have the unofficial resources for operative surveillance and processing will be assured.

An interesting note is attached to the report:

Comrade Lieutenant Colonel Gessner

The information on ZIPSER should be kept ready for delivery on demand.


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