5. Interview Questions

What, in your opinion, is the function of literature and art in the socialist state?

Which contemporary social problems are of the greatest concern to you as a writer?

Do your writings incorporate the theme of women in society?

What influence have the experiences of your childhood had on your literary works?

How have you gained experiences with manual workers? What connections do you have to them today?

What, in your opinion, are the distinctive characteristics of GDR literature within the German-speaking world?

What differences do you see between GDR literature of the 1970s and that of the previous years? Can you provide some examples to illustrate the differences?

What do you consider to be the most important works (your own writings aside) in GDR literature of the 1970s?

Which more recent works would you characterize as especially forward-looking?

Which contemporary USA authors have you read? How do you rate them?

What influence, in your opinion, does a society’s increasing prosperity have upon literary productivity?

How are reading habits in the GDR influenced currently by television?

What role, in your opinion, should literature (in comparison to the other media) play in present-day society?

What is your perception of light fiction, literature for popular entertainment, and belletristic literature in the GDR?

What do you see as the goal of your literary work? Do you think it is attainable?


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