15. Third Report from IMV “Kurt”: June 4, 1976

ZIPSER called me on 6/1/1976 at around 6:20 p.m. and informed me of his presence. We arranged to meet on 6/3/1976. He called at around 11:30 a.m. from Ulrich PLENZDORF’s and came to see me at around 6:30 p.m. From our place we drove to have dinner at Hotel “Stadt-Berlin,” where he is also staying.

He told me he wants to stay in Berlin until 6/11/1976 or so, and then stay until 6/15/1976 or so in Hotel “Warnow” in Rostock.

With regard to his intentions, I am aware that he wants to continue with the interviews he began doing in fall 1975. I do not know the date of his entry.

From his comments I was able to learn that he had contact up to now with

Volker BRAUN
and Ulrich PLENZDORF.

He is entertaining the idea of going to visit Ulrich PLENZDORF, etc., at his country cottage in [blacked out], on the weekend of 6/5-7/1976.

He was planning to do an interview with Volker BRAUN on 6/4/1976, around midday, and to dine with Ms. Sarah KIRSCH in “Ganymed” on 6/5/1976.

D. Zipser commented on the 10th Parliament to the effect that he finds it beyond belief to see so many police and Free German Youth [socialist youth organization of the GDR] marshals on all street corners. He observed that, if we can manage to carry out such an elaborate operation, we probably have too large a workforce.


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