25. Second Report from IMV “Uwe”: February 11, 1977

There is a considerable amount of trivial information in the file, along with information that could be considered important. Uwe Berger’s second report, to Captain Pönig in Main Department XX/7, is a good example of the former.


In a meeting on 2/9/1977, IMV “Uwe” reported that he had received a phone call on 2/4/1977 from a female person who spoke with an English accent. This female person introduced herself using the name Holwers (or something like that). She explained that she came from the USA and is an American.

At present she is staying in the capital of the GDR, she says, and has been asked by Dr. Richard Zipser to convey greetings to his friends living here.

At the same time she is supposed to inquire if the source has received the poetry magazine Zipser promised to send. The source confirmed receipt to the caller and promised her that he would soon inform Zipser of this via a letter.

The caller did not show any interest in meeting in person. She stated that she is very busy, whereupon the source asked her to give Dr. Zipser his kind regards, which the caller promised to do. In all probability Mrs. Dr. Holwers is identical to the person named Dr. Holmes, who contacted Sarah Kirsch. [Indeed, this was IREX-scholar Joan Holmes, who had participated with me in the MLA special session on GDR literature in late December, then returned to East Berlin to continue her research.]


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