53. Possible Denial of Re-entry into the GDR

The next document in the file, a single page, reveals that consideration was given to not permitting me to re-enter the GDR. The top section of the document is typewritten and dated June 11, 1979. Toward the bottom of the page there are handwritten notes, which were added on September 16, 1982. These notes indicate that a decision had been made in Main Department XX to permit me to re-enter the GDR (“no re-entry ban”). The document appears in its entirety below.

Main Department Berlin6/11/1979

Capt. Tischendorf2642/28122633

Re-entry ban [handwritten]

Dr. Z i p s e r

Oberlin, Ohio/USA
102 Shipherd Circle

Block re-entry – check back with service unit issuing this order to see if re-entry application may be approved

[Below are the handwritten notes that were added in 1982.]

Main Department XX/7


XII: 15672173[signature/initials only]

9/16/82 No Re-Entry Ban [as per] Main Department XX


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