91. Re-entry Ban: June 11, 1985

In connection with the three measures cited at the conclusion of the report above, there is a short but extremely important memorandum in my file with some handwritten notes bearing different dates. The first note, dated April 29, 1985, indicates that the Stasi was considering not allowing me to re-enter the GDR; the second note, dated June 11, 1985, provides evidence of their decision not to permit me to enter the GDR again and explains why; the third note confirms receipt of this memorandum on July 9, 1985 presumably for filing. The typewritten heading on the memorandum appears below, followed by the notes.

Comrade Lieutenant Colonel B u h l

Comrade Generalmajor Kienberg requests consultation.

Consultation took place
with Comrade Colonel [Karl] Brosche
arranged by XX/7
consultation with Main Directorate for Reconnaissance
in order to consider what specifically
can be initiated against Zipser
possibly entry ban
response sent by XX/7
4/29/85 Buhl [signature]
memorandum Comrade Colonel Brosche
Z. is considered enemy of the state by XX/7
entry ban will be initiated
6/11/85 Buhl [signature]

received 7/9/85


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